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Position #36
Sensual Interactive - Sexual Position #36
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#1 2010-05-28 21:56:10

New Member

About Position #27

This sexposition is the position called “Indrani” in Kama Sutra, means the wife of the God Indra. I love any bending positions so much because her vagina tighten up my cock.  Suitable for portio sex. But this position is a little bit effortful because I must elevate slightly my hip to control my penis to her vagina. Her hip tends to slip down during intercourse. I must pull it up occasionally also. Anyway, very sensual for men. For women, this position may be a little bit hard. My girl complains everytime, “move slowly!”.



#2 2010-12-29 12:10:50

New Member

Re: About Position #27

In order to make it less of a hassle and more comfortable for the woman, try using pillows/cushions/soft support (whatever you can find around the house), and have the woman rest her buttocks on the cushions at a comfortable position for penetration.  This not only allows the female to relax but you can concentrate on the main event without either of you having to worry with maintaining the proper angles, or wasting strength that could be put to use where it counts. ;-) It would also make it easier for you to maintain the slower movements your girl prefers.

Still, the appeal to the female of seeing you use your strength to hold her while still being able to thrust into her may be exciting enough to offset the difficulty of the position... so, I guess you could say practice makes perfect (along with a regular workout routine to increase your ability to support her with minimal effort.)

The human body, both male and female, is incredibly fascinating... I can't stop exploring with my eyes nor hands!



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