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Position #27
Sensual Interactive - Sexual Position #27
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  What is the most important reason to have sex?
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« It's all about the foreplay
« I enjoy the process
« It's the intimacy
« I don't know...
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Sensual Interactive - Sexual Position #39
Position #39
  She is lying flat on her back facing upward while he is on top of her facing the opposite direction from her; he is supporting himself with his arms around her legs while his knees are spread around her stomach. He moves his arms and hips to adjust the movements. » continue...
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» Open Question: Why can't my girlfriend really feel sexual sensation?
  « Posted: Mon, 07 May 2012 04:02:40 GMT »
  We have been dating for about a year and a half, and we've pretty much always been happy together. Our sex life is good, and the problem itself isn't actually in sex or vaginal pleasure. She can feel me inside of her, and she can feel me playing with her clit (which she isn't entirely comfortable with), but other sensual touches she can't feel. Kissing her neck, nibbling her ears, gently stroking erotic areas, and even contact with her nipples are only vague sensations. I work hard to make her happy- shower her with affection, talk to her, give massages, etc.- and I'm always careful about sexual boundaries to make sure i don't make her uncomfortable. We both are frustrated by this, especially as I am a pleasure giver and would love to be able to kiss her and tease her and have her be able to feel aroused by it. By the way, this isn't anything new, it has been this way since before we started dating. I would just really like to be able to have more comprehensive foreplay and get her all worked up so that she can have the best sexual experience i can provide. Any advice is appreciated, please help? » continue...
» Open Question: The breast debate - in your opinion are breasts nurturing, comforting, sensual? what else?
  « Posted: Mon, 07 May 2012 00:34:21 GMT »
  » continue...
» Open Question: is dancing a sensual dance cheating?
  « Posted: Sun, 06 May 2012 22:22:35 GMT »
  my partner is a very good dancer. she dances and is quite freindly - i think its flirting she tells me im wrong, also that im holding her back because i cant lead her yet. should a woman dance the tango with some one who is not their partner, isn't that kind of cheating - i mean seriously have you seen it the leg up their? any way she said thats it we are not doing that any more - no discussion, no thought of maybe im right, just thats it. Im european, she is filipina - strong spannish history any comments are welcome? its ok to do dances that aren't sensual like the waltz or the fox troot with any one but to suggest that the tango is not a ssenual dance is just absurd , and frankl;y rubbish. i thought that to be that intimate was with ones partner only. she even asked me if its ok to check other guys out, shame i do really love her - waste of three months of my life really - her loss in the end to be honest » continue...
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