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Position #17
Sensual Interactive - Sexual Position #17
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Phsyical Height
I can compete in the NBA based on my height  
6 ft. 0.5 inches - 6 ft. 3.9 inches (1.84 m - 1.92 m)  
5 ft. 9.0 inches - 6 ft. 0.4 inches (1.75 m - 1.83 m)  
5 ft. 5.5 inches - 5 ft. 8.9 inches (1.66 m - 1.74 m)  
5 ft. 2.0 inches - 5 ft. 5.4 inches (1.57 m - 1.65 m)  
I see eye-to-eye with Frodo  
No Answer  
Body Weight
I have the weight of a heavy-weight boxer  
200 lbs - 229 lbs (90.7 kg - 104.0 kg)  
170 lbs - 199 lbs (77.1 kg - 90.6 kg)  
140 lbs - 169 lbs (63.5 kg - 77.0 kg)  
110 lbs - 139 lbs (50.0 kg - 63.4 kg)  
I can be a professional horse jockey  
No Answer  
Imagine a typical 'Couch Potato' (e.g. Homer Simpson)  
my body is considered partially defined  
I have a body that can be considered proportional  
I consider myself casually fit  
I workout regularly to stay in good shape  
I have the body of a Calvin Klein underwear model  
No Answer  
I have the agility of a running back  
I do sports that required me of forming different shapes  
I can be agile as I wish but with some difficulties  
The bigger question is not how flexible but for how long  
I hardly put myself in uncomfortable positions  
I am as uncoordinated and clumpsy as Borat (Ali G Show)  
No Answer  
Sensual Preference
I am a nut for new experience and adventures  
I like to try-everything-once type of guy  
I like new experience but not crazy over it  
I have a limit on how far I go on new experience  
I stick to my routine but occasionally open to new ideas  
Cut to the chase, routine and classic define my style  
No Answer  
Physical Height
  I am like Maria Sharapova on heels
  5 ft. 9.5 inches - 6 ft. 0.9 inches (1.76 m - 1.85 m)
  5 ft. 6.0 inches - 5 ft. 9.4 inches (1.67 m - 1.75 m)
  5 ft. 2.5 inches - 5 ft. 5.9 inches (1.58 m - 1.66 m)
  4 ft. 11.0 inches - 5 ft. 2.4 inches (1.50 m - 1.57 m)
  Kylie Minogue is my twin sister
  No Answer
Body Weight
  I am bit on the 'heavy side'
  160 lbs - 179 lbs (72.6 kg - 81.6 kg)
  140 lbs - 159 lbs (63.5 kg - 72.5 kg)
  120 lbs - 139 lbs (54.5 kg - 63.4 kg)
  100 lbs - 119 lbs (45.4 kg - 54.4 kg)
  Holding big umbrella on a windy day is an issue for me
  No Answer
  Genetics/food habits cause my lack of definition
  My body is partially defined
  I am naturally proportional
  I consider myself generally in shape
  I stay fit by living an active life style
  I have the body of a swimsuit model
  No Answer
  I can perform many of the gymnastic moves
  I consider myself a sporty type with good agility
  I am able to participate and compete in different sports
  I could be flexible and agile at times if I need to be
  I don't enjoy putting myself in uncomfortable positions
  I am physically limited to be able to bend and twist
  No Answer
Sensual Preference
  I am a nut for new experience and adventures
  I like to try-everything-once type of girl
  I like new experience but not crazy over it
  I have a limit on how far I go on new experience
  I stick to my routine but occasionally open to new ideas
  Cut to the chase, routine and classic define my style
  No Answer
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